Durga Sravanthi

Durga Sravanthi

‘Durga Sravanthi’, is a humble tribute to the great visionary, Durgabayamma garu, whose actions have touched every aspect of human life.  The programme besides keeping in tune with the basic philosophy of Andhra Mahila Sabha, also carries forward the vision and mission of its founder.

The main objective of Durga Sravanthi is to “Encourage Volunteerism” among those involved in the institution of Andhra Mahila Sabha.  No doubt all the units have been rendering yeoman service in their respective areas, but now let us rededicate ourselves to the cause of welfare of the society by way of ‘Direct Participation ‘in social service activities.

To quote a Chinese proverb

“Tell me and I will forget
Show me, I may remember,
Involve me and I will understand”

Service done selflessly promotes mental purity, diminishes egoism and enables one to experience the unity of mankind.

Durga Sravanthi, has there vital components – Durga Seva Sravanthi , Durga Vijnana Sravanthi and Durga Parisodhana Sravanthi.

I.  Our founder’s faith in motivating human resources is the base for the first initiative – Durga Seva Sravanthi. We propose to take up out – reach programmes in areas of Education, Health and Environment.

Under the Health Programmes a unique concept of “Diagnostics to the Door step” is proposed.  A mobile van with built in X – ray, ECG, Ultra sound Sonogram and auto analyzer to conduct blood tests will be procured for this purpose.  This will be in addition to the medical camp, health awareness camps, counseling patients & counseling adolescents, geriatric rehabilitation programmes,  home bound programmes to special children and soon .
Educational out reach programmes include, teaching English, Math, Computers to school children, conduct of E – literacy programmes, Legal awareness programmes, senior citizen counseling etc.

II. “Knowledge and Human Resources are synonymous”. Durga Vijnana Sravanthi proposes to take up Knowledge Enhancing Programmes by setting up ‘knowledge Centers’ at Hyderabad and Ibrahimpatnam.  The purpose is to provide an ideal plat form for the children to have hands – on exposure on the concept and ideas they learn in their school curriculum.

By providing lab and library facilities, the knowledge centre will help enhance the creative and scientific temper of students.  It is also proposed to impart Value – Based education through lectures, audio – video presentation etc in these centers.

III. Durga Parisodhana Sravanthi. The third stream of Durga Sravanthi, is meant to sustain and stimulate research environment that foster the intellectual courage needed to support our society. It is proposed to formulate Research proposals covering various aspects of Education, Health & Environment related to women and children.  Further, a network of NGOs is proposed to be established to create a data base of volunteers to facilitate working together for a social change.

Thus, through these activities, of Durga Sravanthi we wish to carry forward the legacy left behind our beloved leader and further the ideas for which she stood for, all her life.

This is our humble offering on the occasion of her 104th Birth day.

 I take this opportunity to congratulate Madam President for conceptualizing the idea of Durga Sravanthi. Vice – President Mrs.Usha Kanda garu, Secretary Sri.Purnachandra Rao garu have been rendering constant support to this project ever since its inception.  Our major source of inspiration has been Dr.Ratnakar garu, his ideas and inputs have been giving impetus to the entire programme of Durga Sravanthi.

A young group of enthusiastic senior citizens have joined us in this endeavor. Though retired form their respective professions, they claim that they are not ‘tired’ as yet and are ready to start their 2nd innings.  They have in fact “Re-tyred” themselves for this noble social cause. I appreciate their involvement and commitment to work.

A mention must be made here of the ‘Team AMS’ – the active and energetic co-ordinates of Durga Sravanthi from various units of Andhra Mahila Sabha, who are enthusiastic to plunge in to action. The over whelming response we received form them is very much appreciated and it is a welcoming sign, as the future of social service and volunteerism now rests in their hands.

“Experience makes one Modified
Training makes one  Qualified
But: Involvement alone makes every one Satisfied”

So get involved, get charged to achieve the goal.

We seek the Blessings of all the elders and co-operation of all the units for a smooth sail of our project, Durga Sravanthi.

“A ship in harbor is safe
But – that’s not what a ship is built for “


Durga Sravanthi, C/o.Central Office, Durgabai Deshmukh Mahila Sabha (Andhra Mahila Sabha), O.U.Road, Vidyanagar, HYDERABAD 500 044.