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About Us

SRC – ECE, AMS is an umbrella organization in the field of early child hood and care for the state of Andhra Pradesh providing training support, developing training material, conduct research studies, initiate advocacy and provide ongoing professional support to the different governmental and non governmental organization functioning in the state. Over a period of 20 years it has developed various teaching modules customized for children having various needs. It has been closely working with central government, state government and other international bodies like UNICEF for the cause. SRC has been doing the onerous task of capacity building for initiating various ECE Programmes which is being done by giving required training to personnel at different levels on different components. The Centre works to enrich the learning process of children in the pre-primary and primary years (from 3 to 8), and spearheads the cause of early childhood education.

The Unit State Resource Centre for Early Childhood Education – Andhra Mahila Sabha consists different sections

All the sections compliment each other – Field needs are identified by the SRC ECE and related field based material is planned and implemented in the Labschool and the needed experiences / skills for the field functionaries are given by Training section.


The basic principle of SRC – ECE, AMS is overall development of child by creating a child friendly environment through understanding the child, understanding the guardian of child and then providing them customized education.

Vision and Mission:

The motive of SRC ECE AMS is to ‘bridge pre and early stages in tune with developmental continuum’.

  1. To develop the spirit “I AM, I CAN” among children

  2. To ensure happy learning environment to children and safeguard the children from inappropriate practices. Demonstrate the feasibility of a developmentally 3.appropriate programmes

  3. To build the capacities of the field functionaries in the implementation of developmentally appropriate practices.

  4. To take up research studies

  5. To take up advocacy programmes for child friendly approaches

  6. To involve families and communities in the school activites

  7. To reach the un reached children who are in need to live quality life

Programmes impacting social justice:

The SRC ECE AMS exists only to provide quality programmes for pre and early primary children in the State in the tribal, rural and urban slums. Labschool also gives free education for deserving children upto 5 children every year Labschool is considered to be one of the first schools in Twin cities which believes and follows inclusive education.

Geographical operations:

SRC AMS started with its activities in Hyderabad and in the period of 20 years have been working in most parts of the State of Andhra Pradesh. It provides guidance, training, training materials and packages to different organizations working in the field of Early Childhood Education.


Realizing the crucial importance of early childhood education in terms of fostering and promoting all round development in children and also to bridge the wide gap between the needs and catering to this age group, College of Education, Andhra Mahila Sabha Trust started a Post Graduate Diploma course in Early Childhood Care in the year 1984 to train a cadre of teachers with high level of sensitivity and dedication. On 14th January 1987 a laboratory Preschool was started for providing happy learning environment to children in the age group of 3 to 8 years as an innovative project of College of Education of Andhra Mahila Sabha. In 1990, in collaboration with UNICEF and NCERT, AMS started a project to support preschool component of ICDS and was recognized by UNICEF as State Resource Centre – Early Childhood Education (SRC – ECE) for Andhra Pradesh.

Early childhood Education in Andhra Pradesh  is the brain child of Smt. K.Lakshmi ,Her commitment for providing joyful  and quality ECE programmes for the children of the State is remarkable   and  her contribution  in reaching the un reached ( tribal pockets )  is laudable. Unicef / NCERT / World Bank recognized her dedication / innovations in the area of ECE she is made member in many of the National level Policy committees.

Smt.K.Lakshmi is President, A.P.Civil Society Organisations Network on Elimination of Child Labour. Consultant  for ECE & Girls education to International, National  Organisations, State Government Departments & NGOs .She is member of Academic Senate – Osmania University , National Policy Framework Committee on ECE (MHRD GoI),Governing bodies of different academic and professional organizations.She is coordinating  CECED study (AUD Delhi) – Strand B and Strand C – Study of Impact of Early Learning, Socialization & School Readiness Experiences in Pre-school Settings on Educational & Behavioral Outcomes along the Primary Stage Ministry – WD&CW GoI requested her to chair the meetings for Contextualization of ECE Curriculum – Southern States.


SRC ECE Lab School

Durgabai Deshmukh Mahila Sabha (Andhra Mahila Sabha), DDMS (AMS) Academic Campus, HYDERABAD 500 007.