AMS C Ramchand Girls High School

AMS C Ramchand Girls High School

In the early sixties Literacy rate in Andhra Pradesh was very low, especially amongst women. Dr Durgabai Deshmukh, the founder of Andhra Mahila Sabha believed that empowerment of women is possible only when girls are educated and provided employment opportunities. In order to fulfill this objective a Basic Training School for girls was founded and to cater to the training needs of the trainees this high school for Girls was started in 1963 with a total strength of 168 girls. This school is aided by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. The school follows the syllabus prescribed by the Board of Secondary Education of Government of Telangana. Education is in Telugu medium and free.

Over 90% students are first generation literates, hailing from socially and economically weaker sections of society. Among our outgoing student from X, Kum.M.Sruthi secured 9.3 grade points (2014-2015) and stood first in Musheerabad Mandal, Telangana.

We encourage our students to participate in all extra-curricular activities for which they have won laurels.

As the govt is not filling up the vacancies  after the retirement of teachers  the management is appointing  teachers on temporary basis with the help of generous contributions from donors  so that students   do not suffer.  Ocean Sparkle  are one of the major donors .

The school continues to provide quality education  for the all round development of girls besides equiping them  with technology based education .For the last 16 years computer lab is maintained mainly due to the 10 systems and printer provided by Indo American  Foundation.Now the systems have become obsolete and need replacement.

Appointing teachers and replacing  computers are the immediate requirement  for which the management seeks the financial help from the individual and institutional donors.

The management feels happy to see some of their students in spite their poor economic status could become engineers, lecturers and doctors due to the foundation laid at the school education.


C.Ramchand Girls High School, Durgabai Deshmukh Mahila Sabha (Andhra Mahila Sabha),

DDMS (AMS) Academic Campus, HYDERABAD 500 007.