Here is a list of our significant donors over the years who’ve made many of our activities possible:

Durgabai Deshmukh Mahila Sabha is able to continue her march towards fulfilling its ambition of serving the needy due to the generous support extended by many over the years. It is not possible to mention the numerous donors over the eight decades. An attempt is made to mention some of them who contributed substantially at critical times (it includes government department).


  1. 1944 : Rani of Mirzapur, Smt.LakshmiVenkayammagaru, for purchase of land at Luz Church Road; Raja of Bobbili for construction of Hostel Building; Maharajah of Pithapuram for construction of MahilaVidyalaya.

  2. 1948 : Rani RajyalakshmiMurali Krishna Rao for construction of a block for industrial unit, Government of India, Ministry of Industry and Commerce for industrial unit equipment.

  3. 1949-76 : 42 grounds of land allotted by Govt. of Tamil Nadu

  4. 1955 : Central Social Welfare Board for construction of SishuVihar

  5. 1958 : Sri Lakshmi Parvathi and Sri.V.Hanumantha Rao for construction of Orthopaedic Centre

  6. 1962 : Government of India, Ministry of Tourism for construction of Tourist Hostel; Government of India, Ministry of Finance of Equipment for Tourist Hostel; Government of India, Department of Social Welfare, Department of Health of Government of Tamil Nadu & UNICEF for Ortho Centre

  7. 1969 : Lions Club of Madras, Sri.Mahalingam for construction of Brace Workshop

  8. 1970 : World Lutheran Federation, Geneva for Building and Equipment for pathological laboratory

  9. 1971 : Sri.Brahmananda Reddy and his wife Smt.Raghavamma for Workers Fund

  10. 1969-72 : VRA of USA for meeting expenditure (Rs.4,47,000) of Research and Demonstration Project for Rehabilitation of Cerebral Palsy children

  11. 1970 : Sri.Rebala Lakshmi Narasa Reddy &Sri.Jahangir Patel and Chimata Foundation of Madras for construction of Children’s Ward

  12. 1990 : Sri.P.Obul Reddy for construction of Senior Citizens Home and starting Vocational Training Institute

  13. 1994 : Dr.Seshamma

  14. 1995 : Ashwatha Charitable Trust for Eye Clinic

  15. 1997 : Prof. Mart G.SubrahmanyamCharlet, E.Meril, New York

  16. 2002 : Sri.V.Narayana for Geriatric Block (Rs.50 lakhs)

  17. 2003 : Mrs.Manorama of USA (Rs.25 lakhs) for Paediatric Ward

Others : State Bank of India; British Airways (Rs.9 lakhs); V.Rama Krishna Foundation &Velagapudi Foundation (Rs.8.40 lakhs); Patel Charitable Trust (Rs.4.83 lakhs); Helpage India; Automotive Educational Trust; Madhuram Narayana Charitable Trust; Chennai Willington Corporate Foundation; ThadikondaVatsala Ramachandra Foundation; Dr.Ramesh; Mr.A.K.Sastry


  1. 1964 : “Jayanti Suramma and Sarva Ray Trust for construction of Maternity Ward; War on Want (London) for construction of X-Ray block and Pathological Lab; CARE (USA) for Hospital Equipment”

  2. 1966 : “Princess Fatima EsinMuffakhanJha; Save the children fund of UK for Mobile Food and Nutrition Unit; UNESCO & FAO for Functional Literacy Project”

  3. 1971 : People of Canada through World Literacy of Canada for construction of Literacy House ILTD Group of Companies for construction of Gandhi SatabdiBhavan

  4. 1972 : “Birla Jana Kalyan Trust for construction of Women’s Hostel; Vazir Sultan Tobacco Co. Ltd., for MahilaVidyalaya Extension block”

  5. 1978 : Telco for “Mini Hospital on Wheel”

  6. 1981 : Andhra Bank for Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Block

  7. 1985 : UNICEF for Project for prevention, Early Detection and Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities

  8. 1987 : Prince MuffakhamJha for construction of Lab School

  9. 1989 : Smt.Kalavathi for constructon of High School building

  10. 1990 : “Smt.K.Krishna Murthy for Hospital; Andhra Bank”

  11. 1990-till date: Sri.P.Obul Reddy for construction and extension of Public School

  12. 1992 : Mrs.Manoharam – building for Senior Citizens

  13. 1994-2009 : Dr.Tulasamma for A.V. Home, Girls High School and Fine Arts College.

  14. 1999 : Sri.G.Pulla Reddy constructed and maintaining Smt.G.Narayanamma Pulla Reddy Respite Home for Adult Mentally Challenged Girls

  15. 2000 : “Sri.K.Bhanu Murthy for construction of College of Physiotherapy; Sri.MullapudiHarischandra Prasad; Maganti Foundation constructed two floors of DDVTRC building; Government of Japan for construction of two floors of DDVTRC and a Van”

  16. 2004 : “TBG Memorial Fund to DDVTRC; Sri.Sunder Pathak of UK; Smt.D.Harini Rao; Smt.N.Usha Reddy; Dr.V.V.Subba Reddy (Rs.25 lakhs to DDH&RC); Dr.Ranade Trust (Rs.70 lakhs); Smt.Lalitha Murthy for DDVTRC, Girls High School and FAME”

  17. 2004 : Government of India MPLADs scheme (Rs.25 lakhs) for construction of Building for School of Informatics

  18. 2006 : Dr.Y.Rao; Sri.P.Rama Rao donated building in memory of his mother

  19. 2007 : Armenian Church (Rs.50 lakhs); Prof.Bhanu Murthy (Rs.10 lakhs); Sri.M.Radha Krishna Murthy (Rs.15 lakhs) for construction of Fine Arts and Media Education building

  20. 2008 : Dr.Dinakar; Dr.ShantiNarasimham

  21. 2010 : Sri.RajeevEyunni, Hong Kong donated Rs.5 lakhs for the construction of DurgabaiDivyaSmrithi in memory of his grandfather Sri.K.Rangachari, a close associate of Smt.DurgabaiDeshmukh.

  22. 2013 : AnandSwaroop Reddy Foundation constructed Gandhi Centenary High School building at Sangareddy involving a total cost of about Rs.1 crore

  23. 2014 : Master P.Adith Reddy (Rs.10 lakhs) to Gandhi Centenary High School, Sangareddy


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